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About Priscilla

Priscilla Royal

I am a Washington State native who grew up in British Columbia, a child with a passion for chemistry who morphed into a comparative literature major, a college student who intended to teach until horrible stage fright hit, and a civil servant for over 30 years who turned to fictional murder after retirement. In short, very boring...

So what about the history part? That has always been my relaxation. It started with a mother who taught me that history is really just about family, three-dimensional, and always relevant. In Grade Six, a substitute teacher started our days with tales of Anglo-Saxon kings. As an adult, I discovered Sharon Kay Penman who proved that careful research and wonderful story telling are both possible and addictive. And finally, I read the mysteries of Ellis Peters with her wonderful sleuth, Brother Cadfael, at a time when I was also intrigued, during my bureaucratic years, with the purpose and development of law.

So let me take you on a journey through the surprising world of England in the 13th century where my sleuths, for all their imperfections and personal struggles, deal with murder in a time not all that unlike our own, although they view their world through a somewhat different lens. And if I tell my stories well, I hope you will find that the past is filled with people you recognize, even if their language, dress, and symbols to express meaning are not exactly the same as ours.